Ms. Zimmermann

Zimmermann    Hello My Name Is...

Margie Zimmermann


Welcome to My Classroom

Hello wonderful KIS students and parents. It is a pleasure to be working together this year. I have held a variety of positions in this profession over my 20 year career, but love the honorable and wonderful title of classroom teacher the most. This is my third year at KIS teaching honors/AIG language arts. I have a wonderful family; my husband Tom and 3 amazing children, all successful students in KCS. 


My 4 awesome children!


Feel free to contact me by email or by school phone at (704) 932-4161 or


College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:           Let's Go Buffalo!


I earned both my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education and Reading from the State University College at Buffalo. I recently completed my AIG certification from UNC Charlotte and am going through the National Board process this year.

 "Every child is entitled to the promise of a teacher's optimism, enthusiasm, time and energy."  -Carol Ann Tomlinson

Educational Philosophy/Vision:     

Know the content, know the students, and design opportunities for them to learn through a variety of activities and sources, including each other.
Engagement and enjoyment are necessary factors.
Rigor + relevance + high interest + fun = My ideal learning environment.

Things parents/guardians can do to help:
Be active participants in your child's life and support public education. Encourage nightly reading.


Online Resources: