Parents, Teachers and Students working with administrators and the community

to make KIS an exciting place to learn.


Officers of KIS Parent Teacher Support Organization


Kelly Yandow, Co-President 

Laura Blume, Vice President

Kim Roche, Secretary

Brandy Scharr, Assistant Secretary       

Kristie Purvis, Treasurer

Sarah Fishback, Assistant Treasurer

Vicky Giraldo, Hospitality 

Amy Herbert, Co-Hospitality 
Beth Allen, Fundraiser Chair

Our children spend a large portion of their day at KIS.  Our goal as a PTSO is to enrich the environment and support the programs and projects that make learning fun.  In lean budget years, school funds are focused on the basics, so our efforts are even more critical.


PTSO supports KIS in several ways:


Time:  Many parents and grandparents volunteer their time to promote a partnership with school personnel to enhance the school experience for students.  We have volunteer opportunities for proctoring during EOGs, reading to students, helping with fundraising and teach recognitions, copying materials, and a variety of other tasks.


Staff Recognition:  The PTSO shows its appreciation to the KIS staff for their dedication to our students.  Several ways in which we recognize their hard work include:

·         Back to School Event:  The PTSO plans a luncheon for staff as they begin a new school year.

·         Staff Luncheon:  The PTSO provides a catered meal for the staff to enjoy a lunch together before the winter break.

·         Teacher Appreciation Week: The staff receives treats during a week in May.

Fundraising:  Two major fundraisers are planned each year to support a variety of programs to enhance student achievement and educational experiences.  Each year may have different needs or a special focus.  In the past, funds have been used for the following:

·         DARE Program graduation;

·         Purchase sports equipment for PE;

·         School clubs’ supplies;

·         Classroom supplies;

·         Continued support for technology;

·         iPad for student give-a-way;

·         Scholastic Math magazine;

·         Time Magazine for Kids;

·         Financial help for field trips;

·         Landscaping in front of school;

·         Provide snacks and drinks for Open House;

·         Provide heavy snacks and drinks for Multicultural Night;



Other ways you can help raise funds for KIS:


There are many ways you can help raise funds for KIS with no cost to you.  Many businesses offer equipment, donations of money and other things to schools.  After you sign up, just do your normal shopping and our school earns rewards. :-)  Checkout this page for opportunities!

Spirit Nights
- Eat out and raise money for KIS!

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How can you as a parent get involved with your PTSO?

It is understandable that with our busy lives, you may not be able to volunteer on a regular basis.  However, there are lots of opportunities to fill short-term needs.  Some of those include handing out fundraiser materials, distributing fundraiser prizes or products, serving at a dinner, making copies of materials for students to take home, and reading to students or letting them read to you.  Your additional help and support are always welcome!  Another plus of our organization is that there are NO FEES to join.  Just come out and be a part of the team working for your student.  Please contact one of the officers listed above if you would like to participate.   


An effective PTSO also requires the adult stakeholders to voice their ideas, concerns, and suggestions.  Monthly planning meetings are held at KIS the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM.  Everyone is welcome to join us as we work toward another successful year at KIS
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