Ms. Stepanian

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Jill Stepanian
Mrs. Stepanian

Welcome to My Classroom!!!

I am excited to be starting my second year at KIS! I have experience in 3rd and 5th grade with a total of 10 years teaching. I am a big reader!! I have a four legged baby named Maggie Mae (AKA MooMoo)  

Feel free to contact me by email or by school phone at (704) 932-4161.

College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:

B.A. Elementary Education
UNC Charlotte

Educational Philosophy/Vision:

I believe in creating a collaborative and supportive environment to encourage learning for all students.

What We are Studying in 2nd Quarter:

Multiply and Divide

Multiply and Divide

Social Studies
What were the events that lead to the American Revolution?
What events happened during the American Revolution?
How was our country and government established?

English Language Arts
What do good readers do before, during and after reading
Students will be learning new reading skills including:
What is the theme of the text?
How to determine the main ideas and details.
How to compare and contrast elements of text.
Considering different points of view.
Figurative Language: Simile, Metaphor, Onomatoeia, Idiom, Alliteration, Personification, Hyperbole

What do good writers do before, during and after writing?
Students will conduct several research projects and create an informational writing sample about their topic.

What elements make up weather.
How can we predict weather?

Force and Motion
What is a force?
What causes motion?

Things parents/guardians can do to help:

Talk, Talk, Talk to your child about what is going on is school. Let them teach you the new things they have learned!!

Students will have math and reading homework consistently on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Homework is intended to provide practice for skills that are being learned in class. If there are questions or students get stumped they are encouraged to try the problem and then bring it to me the following morning to go over. 


Online Resources:
All students have user names and passwords for resources listed                                                                          

Educational Apps:
Each student has full time access to and uses ipads daily. These apps are commonly used in class.

quizlet      BrainPOP      News-O-Matic     EPIC      Bill Nye
DreamBox     Educreations     Showbie     Kids A-Z     Pic Kids
Khan Academy     YT Kids     ChatterKid     Comic Maker
Anatomy4D     ShowMe     Google Earth